Zoom Bear Ltd Daily Superpowder Nourish

Bear Ltd Daily Superpowder Nourish



+ For Radiance

With Resistant Starch + Green Australian Lady Finger Bananas
Essential Daily Superpowder

Nourish is a highly therapeutic, bio-available and single-origin Essential Daily Superpowder specifically formulated to support and improve the health of your gut microbiome, digestion, brain health, skin health and overall wellbeing.

Nourish contains an advanced and restorative form of Resistant Starch – a multi-fibre prebiotic that ‘resists’ digestion, reaching the colon intact where it is metabolised into short-chain fatty acids that feed a healthy gut microbiome. This resistant starch then acts to increase serotonin, lower cholesterol, increase metabolism and remove aflatoxins and inflammation in the body.

As 80% of the body’s immune system is located in the gut, Nourish also provides positive effects on general immunity by forming barriers on the intestinal wall, preventing harmful microorganisms from being absorbed. Nourish contains essential minerals including magnesium, potassium, zinc, vitamin E, phosphorous and manganese, to heal and rejuvenate the skin and promote strong and healthy hair.

Nourish does not contain any artificial flavouring additives, sweeteners, palm oils, thickening agents or artificial stimulants such as taurine – most of which are widely used in beauty powders and elixirs currently on the market. Nourish also does not need to be refrigerated once opened which simplifies your morning health rituals and makes it easier to travel with.

Each BEAR product contains highly therapeutic, bio-active and apoptogenic ingredients to ensure nutrients are readily absorbed by the body. BEAR carefully sources ingredients from small scale farms, cooperatives and leading laboratories from around the world and we take pride in designing and formulating each product with integrity and transparency. All of our products are vegan, not tested on animals and are completely free from gluten, genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), parabens, phthalates, sulphates, polyethylene glycols (PEG’s), silicones, singular glycols and synthetic fragrances.

For optimal results, we recommend taking one Essential Daily Vitamin with or without food each day together with both of our Essential Daily Superpowders every day.

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