Zoom Moon Beauty Pillowslip
Zoom Moon Beauty Pillowslip
Zoom Moon Beauty Pillowslip

Moon Beauty Pillowslip


How good is life! Living is fun and as the years tick by our face starts to tell everyone a story about all the good times we've had, creasy eyes from all the lols, cheek folds from all the grinning, those little grooves between our eyebrows to show how hard we have concentrated on all that interesting stuff. lucky.

But those fault lines running diagonally across our faces at the school run because we don't all have a Paltrowesque morning routine and may have overslept a little. No one needs to see that story...

Enter the perfect accompaniment to your skin and hair care regimen. your skin will stay its beautiful version of smooth and your hair will still resemble your hair in the morning.

This silk pillow helps keep moisture close to skin and hair and will help skin and hair stay more hydrated, minimising sleep creases and pressure on delicate facial skin. reducing friction on the hair prevents bed hair, dryness and damage to hair follicles  

everyday luxury in your very own bed. I  will never sleep without one again.


one pillow slip with an invisible zip closure. fits a standard pillow insert. ethically made in a local factory in Auckland, New Zealand

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