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This is Incense - Noosa


If you love Byron you will love Noosa!

Delicate and woody with a hint of sweetness, this scent will take you beachside in Noosa at first waft.

Lemon oil, Sweet Orange oil, Lime oil, Mandarin oil, Patchouli oil and Cypress oil

Care: Always burn supervised and keep out of reach of children.

60 Sticks. Approx 30 hour total  burn time.


More about This is Incense

The fragrant smoke from incense can have the remarkable property of creating a spiritual atmosphere which can have diverse uses from priming a calming space by simply filling  the everyday household with a sense of calm and transcendence. Incense sticks generally have holders which allow the sticks to be held in a hole in a supporting foundation with room for ash to fall safely.  

  •       Incense rids impurities and brings harmony
  •       Incense alerts the mind and senses
  •       Incense serves as a companion in solitude
  •       Incense brings peace and calms the mind when busy

Our Incense is heavenly scented with over a combination of local oils which when burnt can reduce stress reduction, lift depression, and restore or enhance emotional health.

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